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Hello everyone ! I find you today with an article perfume, as you probably already know J'adore perfumes, I love to buy new and can change every day.

So today, I will introduce my three little last, go! :)

I already liked very much the male version of this perfume I could only crack on this novelty! For starters, I find the bottle beautiful, and smell level is perfect for the season, it brings a touch of freshness with its floral side. It is part of my favorite perfumes if you are looking for a garden/ fruity odor that is not a headache. I recommend it to 1000%!
You can find it here from 44.99 €; note that it usually is excluded at Nocibé from 59 €.

I went to this perfume because, as for the Boss, I love the masculine versions of Gaultier fragrances. But unfortunately, it is a big disappointment the smell is too heavy for me and gives me a headache; it is for you if you support the intense/ spicy and ultra-feminine fragrances. You can find it here from 39.61 € (precision! Ahah!) And at Sephora from 56.5 €.

It's MY big favorite of the moment! Again I love the male version ( spice bomb ). It is very fresh and floral in the same spirit as the Boss without the fruity side. I recommend it if you are fans of floral perfumes that do not smell toilet spray! You can also find it at home -scents from 38,48 € I personally had at Marionnaud because there was an offer at -30%, and it is currently 39 € if you have the card.
And what are your last purchases? And your favorite perfumes? Would you like an article about my perfume collection?

The new Too Faced palette!

Hello, everyone, I come back today to present the "small" last of Too Faced: the natural love! :)

As you can see this palette is large enough it is composed of a total of 28 matte and iridescent shades in nude tones, we find there are shades in shades of pink, brown, moles, but also golden a palette quite complete so!

Regarding the packaging

It is a little soberer than the last born of the brand, it is very spring / bohemian I find it changes and it's pretty cute :)

And the quality of the makeup in all this?

Here are the shades of the first row from left to right: heaven, fairy tale, nudie, tickle me, do not settle and fingers crossed

As you can see, the heaven and fairy tale fakes are not too pigmented or even not at all; for the others, I only made a passage I find them pretty well pigmented in one pass.

Here the makeup of the second row from left to right: Lace teddy, Satin sheets, Push-up, Honey pot, Chocolate martini, and Undercover.
As for the first row, the lightest blushes (lace teddy and satin sheets) are not pigmented in a single pass; however, for sequins, it's not bad! :)

In the third row, you find the makeup: pink cheeks, kittens bunny nose, moonbeam, love bug, and smokin.'
Well, I'm not going to repeat again here pink cheeks, and kittens are not very pigmented in one pass, but their friends are well irrigated!

For the penultimate row, we find the makeup: poodle, cutie patootie, dear diary, coffee date, spoiled and night fever
This is undoubtedly the most pigmented makeup of the palette; even the brightest are especially poodle, which is very pretty!

And finally, for the last row, we find the makeup: spotlight, honey butter, honeymoon, hot & bothered, lipstick & chill and stiletto
There too, the makeup is quite pigmented in one pass, although the stiletto is not very intense for black eyeliner, unfortunately ...
Regarding its availability
It should make its official appearance tomorrow at Sephora for a price around 55 € knowing that coupon codes no longer pass on Too Faced ...: /
In conclusion

When the makeup is well worked, and after several passages, we can make beautiful makeup. I love it, and the composition is clearly visible once your makeup is finished.
And you will fall for this novelty?

Crashtest Magic mani retouch of L'Oreal

Hello everyone ! I find you a little late after Easter and a busy weekend, but I come back to tell you about a new product, rather innovative!

This felt-shaped varnish promises perfect coverage with immediate drying according to the brand and allows you to retouch its scaly varnish no matter where we are!

The user manual is quite simple, just shake the felt and press to activate the output of the product, although I took a little time to get out, it's simple.
I personally used it on all of my nails to see the effect I let you judge:

You can click on the pictures to enlarge them, you will see as well as used on all the nail the result is not beautiful at all, the varnish makes a plaster effect without any shine, and the application is totally galère! However, the promise of a quick-drying is held ...
In principle for a touch-up, it can be useful in the evening or before an appointment, but it would still be necessary that the color of your base varnish is precisely the same, and it is not won, unfortunately. I advise you this product if you have varnish in the same colors otherwise go your way; it remains a pretty gadget product!
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